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Tech It Forward, Venture Scout in Israel for Sweater, the VC Fund for everyone

We are proud to announce that Tech It Forward is partnering with US based VC Sweater in order to scout for leading Israeli startups.

Sweater is the VC Fund for everyone.

Sweater was founded by Jesse Randall, Chad Lewkowski, and Matthew Klein. Randall had initially set out to start his own venture fund, after over a decade working as an entrepreneur and an analyst at an accelerator and VC fund. When he found himself locked out of venture investing by antiquated accreditation requirements, he made it his mission to open venture investing to everyone.

Sweater is a mobile-first fintech that gives investors direct access to the world's most exclusive asset class—Venture Capital. Sweater's mission is to empower everyone to become investors in the next generation of venture-backed startups and engage directly with businesses they believe in. Through educational content and more holistic support for founders, they are weaving a new kind of venture community that brings investors and founders closer together to knit a better future.

Until now, only a select few have had access to the most exclusive asset class in the world: Venture Capital. Sweater is changing that and the Tech It Forward team is proud to contribute to this mission!

Email us at if you have a start up you would like Sweater to take a look at.

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