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For Corporations

Empowering Your Growth with Innovative Solutions: Implementing Revolutionary Technologies

Your innovation powerhouse

With Tech It Forward’s technology scouting team, you get a partner you can trust.

Our experience in managing innovation programmes enables us to identify your challenges and develop creative solutions so that your company can flawlessly and effectively gain competitive advantage while achieving your innovation goals. 

Tech It Forward has created over 200+ innovation programmes for international corporations, VCs, governments, and entrepreneurs' associations.

Our customized innovation programmes include:

Technology Scouting

We help corporates seeking to adopt / acquire new technologies by efficiently identifying, filtering, & connecting with the most suitable matches.

Corporate Challenges

We host challenges designed for companies to discover and reward top Israeli startups capable of driving innovation for them.

Roadshows to Israel

We design and organize tailored trips to Israel, emphasizing collaboration exploration & providing opportunities to meet the hidden gems within the ecosystem.

Technological Watch

We help companies be on top of the hottest trends by providing continuous data and trends.

How we work

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Claude Martinez
CEO of LVMH Gaia

I truly enjoy working with Tech it Forward.

1. They understand corporate innovation challenges exceptionally well, particularly our values of excellence and impact in luxury.

2. Their scouting is extremely thorough, and they identify out-of-the-box tech solutions.

3. They don't just find startups and researchers; they make things happen. They manage projects holistically, ensuring timely innovation delivery while respectfully motivating teams.


This is why I wholeheartedly recommend entrusting your innovation scouting to Tech it Forward.

Our happy customers

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A few pictures of our innovation programmes

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