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Tech It Forward shares insights on Israeli innovation with Georgetown University

Tel Aviv, March 16th, 2023

Innovation sessions are always exciting, and the recent session that Tech It Forward had with Georgetown University's International Affairs selected students in Israel was no exception. It was an opportunity to talk about the Startup Nation, its roots, foundations, and the characteristics of Israeli entrepreneurship. The session was engaging, informative and a great chance to meet with young, smart and interested people.

As an innovation hub at the forefront of Israel's innovation scene, Tech It Forward has a unique perspective on the trends and technologies that are emerging. The team shared insights with the students about how they navigate the ecosystem and collaborate with international investors and corporates to invest in or acquire startups.

The session was particularly significant because of Georgetown University's prestigious reputation. Being chosen to speak to their students was an honour for Tech It Forward.

A few students even wrote to the team after the session, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity and how inspirational it was: ''It was such a pleasure meeting you! Thank you so much for everything. So inspirational!''.

At Tech It Forward, the team is passionate about spreading the word about the Startup Nation and the innovation that is happening here. The session with Georgetown University's students was an excellent opportunity to do just that. It was an exciting and inspiring session for everyone involved. The team at Tech It Forward is proud to have had the chance to meet with the students and share their knowledge about the Israeli innovation scene.

For more info about our innovation sessions about the Startup Nation, please write to us at

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