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Tech It Forward and Tel Aviv Municipality: Igniting Community, Empowering Dreams

In the dynamic city of Tel Aviv, a partnership between Tech It Forward and the Tel Aviv Municipality has been igniting inspiration, empowering dreams, and embracing new opportunities through their monthly Tel Aviv tech tours. These tours have become a catalyst for individuals from all walks of life, including Olim (immigrants) and internationals, to connect with leading Israeli companies, dive into the vibrant tech culture, and unlock their potential. With a remarkable history of success and an array of accomplished featured companies, this collaborative initiative is transforming lives, strengthening the community, and shaping a brighter future.

Unleashing the Power of Community and Knowledge Sharing:

For years, Tech It Forward and the Tel Aviv Municipality have been organizing monthly tech tours, creating a powerful sense of community and knowledge sharing. These tours serve as a platform where participants can immerse themselves in the innovative products, immerse themselves in the unique company cultures, and explore the vast array of job opportunities available. As industry experts generously share their wisdom, attendees are uplifted, inspired, and equipped with the tools needed to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Empowering Olim and Internationals:

The Tel Aviv tech tours play a pivotal role in empowering Olim and internationals on their professional journeys, helping them transform dreams into reality. Stepping into a new country and understanding its tech ecosystem can be daunting, but these tours provide a supportive environment where attendees can connect directly with industry leaders, ask burning questions, and gain invaluable insights. With each interaction, barriers are shattered, confidence is bolstered, and participants are equipped with the knowledge to succeed in the Israeli tech arena.

Unlocking Pathways to Success:

Beyond community building and knowledge sharing, the Tel Aviv tech tours have emerged as gateways to remarkable employment opportunities for talented individuals. As featured companies present their cutting-edge products, showcase their vibrant cultures, and interact with tour attendees, the stage is set for connections that transcend borders. Countless success stories have unfolded, where immigrants have found fulfilling careers, and participants have received personalized support, mentorship, and guidance. These tours have become a springboard for dreams, enabling individuals to unlock their true potential and thrive in the Israeli tech industry.

Celebrating Inspiring Success Stories:

Over the span of five years, Tech It Forward and the Tel Aviv Municipality have showcased a multitude of Israeli companies during the tech tours. Industry titans such as, Nayax, Atera, Powtoon, WalkMe, MyHeritage, Anecdotes, Similarweb, Checkpoint, Bizzabo, and many more have graced these transformative events. By sharing their innovations, imparting their wisdom, and fostering authentic connections, these companies have paved the way for numerous inspiring success stories. Participants have experienced life-changing moments, securing dream jobs or launching their ventures, all because of the connections forged during the tours.

If you are a company based in Israel, the Tel Aviv tech tours present a remarkable opportunity to inspire, make an impact, and shape the future!

By participating in these tours, you can showcase your innovations, share your unique company culture, and contribute to the vibrant community that is propelling the Israeli tech ecosystem forward. By embracing diversity and welcoming talent from around the world, you become part of a collective effort to empower dreams and shape a brighter, more inclusive future. To embark on this transformative journey, please contact Tech It Forward at

"Inspiring individuals and transforming lives through technology has been our driving force since the inception of Tech It Forward. By partnering with the Tel Aviv Municipality, we have created a platform where dreams are empowered, and opportunities are embraced. Together, we believe in the power of community, knowledge sharing, and the boundless potential that lies within each individual." - Jennifer Elias and Jessica Rosner, Founders of Tech It Forward

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