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Fabumin and Tech It Forward: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Through Cartier Women’s Initiative

Fabumin, an innovative startup focused on revolutionizing the alternative protein industry, has achieved remarkable milestones this past year thanks to the support and resources provided by the Cartier Women’s Initiative (CWI). Tech It Forward, a leading tech scouting company, played a pivotal role in connecting Fabumin with the CWI program, driving the company’s growth and success. 

An Unforgettable Experience and Remarkable Achievements

Adi Yehezkely, CEO of Fabumin, was thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the CWI community. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this experience and to be part of this community. I had no expectations going in, but I was amazed by the appreciation, resources, and dedication from a team focused on promoting female leadership and the impact we bring,” she said.

During her time with the CWI program, Adi and Fabumin reached several key milestones. “Being accepted into the competition placed us among top female entrepreneurs aiming to change the world. This recognition from CWI has boosted my self-confidence and sense of worth, and it has energized Fabumin significantly. You can see clear differences in both me and the company before and after joining CWI,” Adi stated.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Fabumin received extensive support from the CWI program, including a $30,000 non-dilutive grant, a stand at the largest tech exhibition in Paris for two years, and the opportunity to pitch in front of 400 people. The program also provided extensive mentoring on storytelling, business planning, resource mobilization, time management, and more. Adi emphasized the impact of this support: “The community is very supportive, with a lively WhatsApp group and members ready to help in any country I visit.

Key mentors like Zevae Zaheer and Brigitte Baumann were instrumental in Fabumin’s journey. “Zevae Zaheer helped me create an impressive investor deck, and Brigitte Baumann guided me on recruitment strategies and introduced me to many investors and experts. These mentors are just two examples of professionals who helped launch Fabumin forward,” Adi explained. She also highlighted the invaluable connections made with other community members, stating, “When we meet all over the world, it feels familiar and sympathetic.

Personal and Professional Growth

Adi’s participation in the CWI program has significantly contributed to her personal development as a leader. “My sense of self-worth has increased significantly since joining this community. Being surrounded by smart, inspiring women has been incredibly enriching. Over the past two years, I've continuously learned new skills and received ongoing support and workshops,” she noted.

Future Plans and a Message to Female Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the CWI program, Fabumin is now poised for international expansion. “We have excellent networking in Europe, where we will start our first international phase. We are about to sign our first cooperation agreement in Holland or France and begin our first commercialization phase,” Adi revealed.

Adi underscored the critical role Tech It Forward played in her journey. “Connecting with organizations like Tech It Forward has been crucial for Fabumin’s success. They not only scouted us for the CWI program but also provided invaluable support, training, and guidance throughout the application process and pitching sessions. Their expertise and dedication opened doors to opportunities like CWI and much more,” Adi shared.

Tech It Forward is proud to have facilitated this successful collaboration between Fabumin and the CWI Women’s Initiative, reaffirming our commitment to supporting female leadership and innovative startups in Israel. "We are dedicated to connecting innovative startups like Fabumin with the right opportunities and resources to thrive," said Jennifer Elias and Jessica Rosner, the founders of Tech It Forward. "Our mission is to ensure that groundbreaking technologies have a significant and meaningful impact, and our collaboration with Fabumin is a testament to that commitment."


About Fabumin: Fabumin helps legume factories turn their by-product (Aquafaba) into a new product. We developed a unique low-energy drying technology that can be installed on-site in legume factories (chickpea, beans, soy, pea) to dry their wastewater-Aquafaba into functional powder, for the food industry as an egg replacer, completing the circular economy .

1 Ton of Fabumin powder = 130,000 eggs

About the Cartier Women’s Initiative: The Cartier Women's Initiative is an annual international entrepreneurship program that aims to drive change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, the program is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aim to have a strong and sustainable social and/or environmental impact.

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