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Exploring Jerusalem’s Tech Scene: A Day with Tech It Forward

We at Tech It Forward are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our Hi-Tech Tours in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Municipality of Jerusalem! This initiative aims to immerse newcomers, especially Olim (new immigrants), into Israel’s thriving tech ecosystem.

A Day Packed with Innovation and Inspiration

Our inaugural tour was nothing short of extraordinary. We kicked off the morning with a dynamic group of Olim eager to dive into the world of tech. The itinerary included visits to some of Jerusalem’s most innovative hubs: OurCrowd, Yissum (The Hebrew University Tech Transfer Company), and its spinoff, Solra PV, located at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

OurCrowd: Pioneering Market-Disruptive Technologies

Our first stop was at OurCrowd, where Yaacov Smukler provided deep insights into their groundbreaking work. We learned about their pivotal role in advancing market-disruptive technologies and their resilience in the face of recent challenges, notably the impact of October 7th on the tech ecosystem. Elisheva Ben-David then offered valuable advice on how to successfully navigate and network within this unique environment.

Yissum and Solra PV: Transforming Innovations

Next, we visited Yissum, The Hebrew University’s Tech Transfer company. Tamar Vogel captivated the Olim with stories about some of the university’s most remarkable inventions, from cherry tomatoes to innovative medical technologies like the Salignostics saliva pregnancy test and Ripples pod.

At Solra PV, the group was introduced to cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions. CTO Bat-El Cohen Wiezel and CEO Yousef Farraj, PhD, shared insights into their groundbreaking work on PV energy cells developed from the technology of Prof. Lioz Etgar. These cells promise to power IoT devices both indoors and outdoors, featuring innovations like solar windows and panels. A tour of Solra’s labs showcased where this incredible research and technology come to life.

A Community Effort

The success of this tour was made possible thanks to the inspiring contributions of our speakers. Special thanks to Yisrael Cohen and Emily Lightstone from the Municipality of Jerusalem for their unwavering support of Olim and their efforts to create such impactful opportunities.

The Hi-Tech Tours are just the beginning. We look forward to organizing more events that bridge the gap between new immigrants and Israel’s vibrant tech landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in this exciting journey of discovery and innovation in Jerusalem!

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