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Building Bridges: An Exclusive Israeli Innovation Showcase for US Investors by Tech It Forward

We had a thought-provoking and inspiring session discussing the roots of Israeli tech with US investors.

Jessica Rosner, Founder of Tech It Forward, shared with the audience the story, foundations, and reasons that makes Israel be the Startup Nation, as well as the cultural traits of the Israeli entrepreneurs. She spoke about our mission to bridge Israeli startups with international investors and corporations such as Clalit Innovation, Ramot - the Tech Transfer of Tel Aviv University, Natura, Cartier Women's Initiative and more.

Our session was made even more special by the presence of Hilla, founder and CEO OF MeNow, who shared her remarkable startup journey with us.

MeNow develops chemoinformatics using artificial intelligence to predict the effect of cosmetic ingredients on a virtual model of the user’s skin. The company’s solutions enable data integration and better understanding of the molecular structure of products in order to improve skin health worldwide. MeNow is focused on designing better cosmetic formulations and providing a platform for personalized recommendations to help ensure that every product respects the user’s particular skin biology.

In the context of the current market challenges, it's impressive to see how the Israeli ecosystem is redefining creativity, innovation, and opportunities. The Israeli tech scene has come a long way since its inception, and it's amazing to see how it continues to flourish and push boundaries, despite the odds.

The discussion reminded us of the power of collaboration and the value of sharing our experiences and insights with each other.

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For details on our tech tours: here.

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