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Breaking Boundaries: Israeli Health Tech Seminar with ApexBrasil

Updated: 6 days ago

Tech It Forward is thrilled to announce our collaboration with ApexBrasil, the renowned Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, in hosting an esteemed tech seminar: "Going Global 2024: The Israeli Lessons".

This groundbreaking event, taking place May 20-22, will feature top-tier speakers delving into breakthroughs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and cutting-edge health technologies within the Israeli ecosystem and beyond.

Here is a sneak peek at the speakers lineup:

Session 1: "Why Israel is the StartUp Nation"

Speaker: Gary Soleiman, Manager of Global Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), will provide insights into Israel's renowned entrepreneurship ecosystem, highlighting its resilience and adaptability amidst ongoing challenges.

Session 2: "Shaping the Future of Startups Through Biotechnology Solutions for Medicine"

Speaker: Beny Rubenstein, COO at, will explore the transformative potential of biotechnology in healthcare, drawing from his extensive experience at Microsoft Research and TERA.Bio.

Session 3: "Fostering Partnerships Between Israeli and Brazilian Life Sciences Technologies"

Speaker: Karin Kidron Mor, Director of Health at the Israel Export Institute, will share her expertise in international business development, offering valuable insights into creating meaningful connections between Israeli and Brazilian life sciences sectors.

Session 4: "Israel's Leading Role in Developing Solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries"

Speaker: Sharon Gour Arie, VP of Value Creation at Aion Labs, will delve into Israel's pivotal role in pharmaceutical R&D, drawing from her vast experience in global healthcare partnerships and innovation ecosystem collaboration.

Session 5: "Trends and Forecasts for AI and Machine Learning in Health Technologies"

Speakers: Dr. Jacob Waxman, resident physician in public health and epidemiology, and Yifat Robshitz-Wand, Business Development Manager at Clalit Health Services, will provide insights into the latest trends, AI and machine learning products and tools they've developed within Clalit to improve healthcare in Israel and worldwide.

Session 6: Israeli Hospitals and Universities: Driving Innovation in Health and Life Sciences"

Speaker: Noam Uzrad, Head of the Innovation Center for translational research at Health-Tech within Ichilov Hospital, will shed light on Israel's innovative approach to driving advancements in health and life sciences, especially within Ichilov and its industry related partners, drawing from her rich background and experience.

The Going Global 2024 Seminar presents a remarkable opportunity for Brazilian startups, corporates and senior industry executives to gain insights into the forefront of health technology innovation. Through engaging sessions led by esteemed Israeli experts, attendees will discover the latest advancements in Israel and how Israel became the scale-up nation in health, biotechnology and life-sciences.

The collaborative efforts between Tech It Forward and ApexBrasil are continuously facilitating meaningful connections between Israeli and Brazilian innovators, paving the way for future collaborations and the exchange of transformative ideas. As we look ahead, we anticipate continued growth and collaboration, fueled by the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two nations.

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