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Social Media Management Case Study for Israeli Technology Transfer Office, Ramot

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

About Ramot:.

Ramot is Tel Aviv University's (TAU) Tech Transfer Company. Their mission is to help TAU’s researchers commercialize & license their technologies & match the university's innovations with the industry worldwide.

Ramot provides the legal and commercial frameworks for inventions made by TAU faculty, students and researchers, protecting discoveries with patents, creating opportunities with global networks and working jointly with industry leaders to bring scientific innovations to the market.

The challenge:

Tech It Forward was hired to establish a social media strategy and continuous execution and optimization with the goal to drive awareness, followership and visibility for the company, its researchers, startups, and projects. Ramot strives to provide matchmaking opportunities for its researchers and university innovation and showcase leadership within academia technology development and for this, they need creative and dynamic social media content to drive engagement, interactions and collaborations.


Tech It Forward provided Ramot with social media strategy plan and monthly operational management, design, research, and optimization based on analytics.

The Solution: great content inspires connection, engagement and followership.

The first step to achieve Ramot’s goal for increased visibility and engagement was to unify the different social media channels. Tech It Forward started the project by rebranding the Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts of Ramot. The rebranding included new messaging, new look and feel, and unifying the tone of voice to match the target audience of researchers, industry leaders and corporates.

Once the accounts were set, Tech It Forward developed a content strategy plan, after researching the industry, competition and target audience. The strategy then led to an operational plan where weekly social media calendars were executed that included relevant and personalized news, industry news, research and technology updates from the university, new events that were recommended, startup and researcher featurettes and more. All content was designed according to the different channels.

The social content was continuously monitored and analyzed closely by the Tech It Forward team. Content recommendations and dynamic changes were consistently implemented to optimize and improve reactions, interest and ultimately followership by quality leads.

The results:

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