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  • Todd Rissman

Olim Tel Aviv Tech Tours: Giving Back to the Community

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

For the last three years, Tech It Forward has partnered with Tel Aviv Municipality in order to help Olim integrate and secure employment within the Israeli tech ecosystem.

Every year, thousands of internationals immigrate to Israel. As expected, finding a career remains a challenge for many immigrants—young, old, alone, or accompanied.

To address this challenge, we partnered with the Tel Aviv Municipality and created the monthly Olim Tel Aviv Tech tours. Our tours are designed for companies and professionals in the tech ecosystem to present to and give Olim tips on how to apply for jobs in Israel, as well as the chance to ask questions, network, and get real opportunities.

In Numbers

3+ years of helping Olim 70+ Israeli companies featured

30+ participants of all backgrounds per event 150+ top hiring opportunities

The Process

  1. 30 minute company presentation + 15 minute Q&A

  2. Typical speakers include: HR, product teams, and/or Olim working at the company

  3. Participants' CVs are collected and sent to the companies

Some of the companies that have been featured:

and more!

Will you be next? Get in touch with us at

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