Event Organization


Our customized business tours offer international corporations, public organizations, and research facilities the opportunity to explore business opportunities and collaborations with leading and innovative Israeli technology leaders.


After understanding the corporation’s needs, we research and evaluate what startups and technologies would be the best fit. Through meetings and networking events, the tour cultivates long term collaborations and partnerships.  

Our goal is to create value by facilitating innovation and partnerships that solve real time technological and industrial needs.


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Marketing Strategy and Operational Consulting


We pride ourselves in creating solutions and actionable strategies for our clients, no matter what the size. After market research and understanding the target audience, we craft strategic marketing and content plans, prioritizing the action items that have the best chance of success and highest ROI.

Our goal is to communicate your brand idea in the best way possible, engaging the target audience, and conquering your market through great content, social media, inbound marketing tactics and influencers, and creating partnerships. We accomplish this through strategy and planning, daily updating and monitoring, analysis and reporting, contests and WOM campaigns.


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