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Tech It Forward's Success: Facilitating Innovation with SIO2 Material Science

Tech It Forward organized a groundbreaking roadshow for the renowned US pharmaceutical packaging company, SIO2 Material Science. The focus? A strategic matchmaking event bringing together Israeli pharma companies, startups, innovation centers, and hospitals. This innovative week-long roadshow was meticulously designed to foster collaboration opportunities and cultivate meaningful connections within the industry.

The roadshow showcased a series of tailored, one-on-one meetings, aiming to spark synergies between SIO2 and the vibrant landscape of Israeli pharma innovation. These meetings were thoughtfully curated to explore various collaboration avenues, from partnerships with established companies to cutting-edge developments from startups and the wealth of knowledge housed within innovation centers and hospitals.

The results spoke for themselves – the roadshow was a resounding success. 60% of the introductions done will be moving towards the next steps of long term collaboration. The CEO of SIO2 Pharmaceuticals expressed their gratitude, acknowledging the challenges of the times - "I value your perseverance and appreciate your commitment, especially during these times." This feedback underscores the dedication and resilience demonstrated by Tech It Forward and the Israeli tech community.

In conclusion, our recent endeavor with SIO2 Material Science exemplifies the power of collaboration even during challenging times such as war, while also pushing the boundaries of innovation. This success story not only highlights the strength of Israeli tech but also the importance of continuing to push, matchmake and foster connections that propel the industry forward. No matter the hurdles, we, and the Israeli tech ecosystem deliver.

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